Revel USA R&D Session

Revel USA is currently undergoing Research & Development sessions! Put your car to good use by helping to test new coilover kits that will be released in the future! If you're interested in participating, please contact us! Here's what we're looking for:



Year Model Category
94-01 Integra GS 2-door Exhaust
94-99 Integra GSR 2-door Exhaust
04-08 TSX Exhaust
09-14 TSX Exhaust
97-01 Integra Type-R Exhaust
00-01 Integra GS-R Exhaust
02-03 CL Type-S Exhaust
02-03 TL Type-S Exhaust
02-06 RSX Exhaust
96-00 Civic Coupe EX (SI) Exhaust
02-05 Civic SI H/B Exhaust
96-00 Civic Hatchback Exhaust
13-15 Civic SI Sedan Exhaust
08-11 GS 460 Exhaust
13-16 GS 350 RWD & AWD Exhaust
00-05 IS 300 Exhaust
15-15 RC 350 RWD & AWD Exhaust
14-16 IS 350 / 250 RWD & AWD Exhaust
06-12 GS 300 / 350 / 430 Exhaust
15-15 RC F Exhaust
16-16 GS F Exhaust
17-UP IS (all models) Exhaust
03-04 G35 Sedan Exhaust
08-13 G37 Coupe Exhaust
06-06 M35 Exhaust
14-16 Mazda 6 Exhaust
02-06 WRX Exhaust
04-06 WRX STI Exhaust

If you own one of these cars, you meet the criteria, and you're interested in participating in our R&D session, contact us at: Attention: R&D

Please note: there is no guarantee for any type of compensation whether it be monetary, time, parts, transportation, vehicle, etc.