Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust Systems
Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust Systems
Medallion Touring-S Exhaust Systems
VLS II Analog Gauges
GT Dry Carbon Overlays
Touring Sport Damper Coilovers
VLS OLED Digital Gauges


Touring Sports Damper

TSD Coilover for 2017-2022 Telsa Model 3 RWD & AWD now available!

Touring Sports Damper

NEW Application! TSD Coilover for 2022 Subaru WRX!

32-way adjustable coilover kit now available for new Subaru WRX!

Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust

NEW Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust Series!

Designed for trucks and offers maximized clearance with optional "Turn Down" pipe!

Medallion Touring-S Exhaust for ND Miata

NEW Application! Medallion Touring-S Exhaust for ND Mazda Miata

Exhaust for ND Miata is now available for order!

GT-Dry Carbon for A90 Supra

NEW Application! GT-Dry Carbon for A90 Toyota Supra

New GT-Dry application for A90 Supra including exterior and interior carbon fiber overlay panels!

Medallion Touring-S Exhaust

NEW! Medallion Touring-S Exhaust

New Medallion Touring-S exhaust systems are carefully developed and tested under high quality standards to provide the perfect fitment and the deep exhaust note that is under 93db!

TSD Coilovers New Features Included

TSD Coilovers: New Features Included!

COILOVER COVERS are now included on all TSD Coilover kits for protection against road debris! MacPherson-type struts now include RADIAL BEARINGS to reduce noise!*


More Coilover Applications Added!

We have added 16 new applications to our TSD Coilover line; among those added are the Nissan 300ZX (Z32), Acura Integra (DA), the new 2020 Toyota GR Supra!


Announcing VLS II Analog Gauges!

The VLS II analog gauges are fitted with modern technology and aesthetics! The new brushless motor brings smooth, quiet operation that lasts longer than conventional gauges!


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