VLS II Oil Pressure Analog Gauge

Part #: 1TR1AB004


MSRP: $218.00

  • 52mm diameter analog gauge
  • 0 PSI to 145 PSI reading
  • Zero-friction brushless motor
  • Aluminum front bezel
  • Aluminum mounting ring
  • External remote included
  • White LED backlighting
  • Optional red LED backlighting
  • LED brightness adjustment
  • Peak/hold function w/ warning beep
  • Includes oil pressure sensor
  • Daisy chain connection

The Revel VLS II Oil Pressure analog gauge monitors oil pressure levels starting from 0 PSI to 145 PSI. The new brushless motor provides quiet and smooth operation for the utmost accurate reading. The included external remote controls functions such as peak/hold setting, choosing from two LED backlight colors, and their LED backlight brightness levels. This kit is included with the oil temperature sensor and all the necessary wiring harnesses for a simple installation process.

The Revel VLS II Oil Pressure analog gauge is daisy-chain compatible with the VLS II Boost analog gauge, VLS II Water Temperature analog gauge, and VLS II Oil Temperature analog gauge.

analog backlight

Brushless Motor & Two LED Backlight Colors

New brushless motor provides smooth, quiet operation and effectively increases speed output for quick and accurate readings up to a ultra high speed of 1200 rad/s. The inner processor quickly operates the indicator to reflect the real-time vehicle status.

By using the included external remote,
the backlighting colors can be set to either
white backlighting or red backlighting
and LED brightness can also be adjusted from 6 levels of brightness.

1TR1AB004 angle

Aluminum Front Bezel &  Aluminum Mounting Ring

The gauge features an aluminum bezel for a sleek finish and the unique mounting ring allows the gauge to be mounted on the included universal stand or other mounting custom mounting brackets.

The Revel VLS II analog gauges can fit into any standard 52mm gauge pods.

1TR1AB004 contents

Parts Included

All Revel VLS II gauges are packaged with the associated sensor, mounting ring, remote and all necessary wiring.

  • (1) Oil Pressure Analog Gauge (52mm)
  • (1) Power Harness
  • (1) Daisy Chain Harness
  • (1) Oil Pressure sensor & harness
  • (1) External Remote
  • (1) Mounting Ring
  • (1) Universal Mounting Base
  • (3) 3M double sided tape
  • (2) Washers
  • (1) Nut
  • (1) Mounting Bolt