FAQ – VLS Wideband A/F Gauge Display Codes

VLS Wideband A/F gauge may show a code on the OLED display screen which indicates the status or issue with the gauge and/or gauge component(s):

[02] Gauge is under calibration.
[03] A/F sensor is not reading. Check connection to sensor and/or replace sensor.
[04] Gauge is setting to original manufacture setting.
[05] Control box is not reading. Check connection to box and/or replace box.

FAQ – Coilover noise issues on McPherson type struts

Due to the design of aftermarket coilover systems like the Revel Touring Sports Damper, coilovers on vehicles with McPherson type struts will have metal pillowball bearing upper mounts and may introduce some noise during driving because there is now metal on metal contact (OEM suspensions use rubber mounts to supress these noises). However, if there are loud noises occurring (like a binding noise), double check the top lock nut and make sure that all other hardware is tightened as something may be loose. Also check that the spring preload is set correctly (we recommend preload to be set from 0mm-15mm).

We also recommend to inspect the other suspension components on the vehicle as there could be something else causing the noise.

FAQ – Crease marks on kick panel covers before installation

What may look like crease marks on the GT-Design Kick Panel Covers will disappear when the cover is properly aligned and pressed against the door panel. Please be sure to prep the surface area with the provided cleaning pad and only use the supplied adhesive solution when installing the kick panel cover.