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Listed below are all of Revel parts available for the 2016-2018 Honda Civic Type-R with some parts crossing over with the 2016-2018 Honda Civic (please check to ensure compatibility with non Type-R model).

GT Dry Carbon

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
GT Dry Carbon Shifter Panel Cover 1TR4GT0AH01 $245.00 1TR4GT0AH01
GT Dry Carbon A/C Vent Cover (Left & Right) 1TR4GT0AH02 $215.00 1TR4GT0AH02
GT Dry Carbon Defroster Garnish (Left & Right) 1TR4GT0AH03 $117.00 1TR4GT0AH03
GT Dry Carbon A/C Control Panel Cover 1TR4GT0AH04 $165.00 1TR4GT0AH04
GT Dry Carbon Center Dash Cover 1TR4GT0AH05 $280.00 1TR4GT0AH05
GT Dry Carbon Center Dash Cover with Alcantara Cover 1TR4GT0AH05A $415.00 1TR4GT0AH05A
GT Dry Carbon Dash Cluster Cover 1TR4GT0AH06 $205.00 1TR4GT0AH06
GT Dry Carbon Window Switch Panel (FL, FR, RL, RR) 1TR4GT0AH07 $310.00 1TR4GT0AH07
GT Dry Carbon Inner Door Handle Trim (FL, FR, RL, RR) 1TR4GT0AH08 $155.00 1TR4GT0AH08
GT Dry Carbon Center Console Side Panel (Left & Right) 1TR4GT0AH09 $215.00 1TR4GT0AH09
GT Dry Carbon Hood Scoop Cover 1TR4GT0AH10 $305.00 1TR4GT0AH10
GT Dry Carbon Rear Bumper Applique 1TR4GT0AH11 $250.00 1TR4GT0AH11
GT Dry Carbon Door Handle Cover Set (FL, FR, RL, RR) 1TR4GT0AH12 $250.00 1TR4GT0AH12
GT Dry Carbon Front Fog Light Covers (Left & Right) 1TR4GT0AH13 $489.00 1TR4GT0AH13

Kick Panel Cover

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Kick Panel Cover (Red) 1TR5GDAH01R $98.00 1TR5GDAH01R

TSD Coilover

Model Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Civic Type-R 1TR3CDHN006 $1,445.00 1TR3CDHN006


Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Touring-S Exhaust T70203R $990.00 T70203R