SSR GTX01 Tesla Mod3 2

Revel USA offers a wide variety of carbon overlay panels and door kick guards to improve the look beyond the premium class of the Tesla Model 3. From the dash to the door sills and even steering wheel, there are many dress-up parts that can elevate the interior feel. Also offered is the addition of coilover applications (based on drivetrain) to allow for an aggressive stance and style while maintaining a completely secure ride.

GT Dry Carbon

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
GT Dry Carbon Steering Wheel Insert Covers 1TR4GT1AX01 $249.00 1TR4GT1AX01
GT Dry Carbon Front Panel (Center) 1TR4GT1AX02 $359.00 1TR4GT1AX02
GT Dry Carbon Door Trim Cover Set (Front Left & Front Right) 1TR4GT1AX03 $409.00 1TR4GT1AX03
GT Dry Carbon Front Door Sill Cover Set (Left & Right) 1TR4GT1AX04 $449.00 1TR4GT1AX04
GT Dry Carbon Rear A/C Panel Cover 1TR4GT1AX07 $219.00 1TR4GT1AX07
GT Dry Carbon Center Console Panel Cover 1TR4GT1AX08 $319.00

Kick Panel Cover

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Kick Panel Cover (Red) 1TR5GDAX01R $98.00 1TR5GDAX01R
Kick Panel Cover (White) 1TR5GDAX01W $98.00 1TR5GDAX01W

TSD Coilover

Model Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Model 3 AWD 1TR3CDTS001 $1,405.00 1TR3CDTS001
Model 3 RWD 1TR3CDTS002 $1,405.00 1TR3CDTS002


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