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Listed below are Revel USA’s offerings for the Toyota Supra (A90): dry carbon overlay panels, coilover suspension kit, and more coming soon!

GT Dry Carbon

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
GT Dry Carbon Door Trim Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT01 $420.00 1TR4GT0AT01
GT Dry Carbon Door Switch Panel Set 1TR4GT0AT02 $235.00 1TR4GT0AT02
GT Dry Carbon Inner Door Handle Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT03 $225.00 1TR4GT0AT03
GT Dry Carbon Door Sill Plates Inner Set 1TR4GT0AT04 $255.00 1TR4GT0AT04
GT Dry Carbon Door Sill Plates Outer Set 1TR4GT0AT05 $415.00 1TR4GT0AT05
GT Dry Carbon Steering Wheel Cover Inserts 1TR4GT0AT06 $255.00 1TR4GT0AT06
GT Dry Carbon Center Console Cover 1TR4GT0AT07 $305.00 1TR4GT0AT07
GT Dry Carbon Seat Insert Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT08 $255.00 1TR4GT0AT08
GT Dry Carbon Front Fog Lamp Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT09 $195.00 1TR4GT0AT09
GT Dry Carbon Hood Duct Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT10 $185.00 1TR4GT0AT10
GT Dry Carbon Door Panel Outer Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT11 $610.00 1TR4GT0AT11
GT Dry Carbon Door Window Moulding Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT12 $465.00 1TR4GT0AT12
GT Dry Carbon Rear Duct Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT13 $255.00 1TR4GT0AT13
GT Dry Carbon Reverse Light Cover 1TR4GT0AT14 $214.00 1TR4GT0AT14
GT Dry Carbon Outer Door Handle Cover Set 1TR4GT0AT15 $210.00 1TR4GT0AT15

Kick Panel Cover

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Kick Panel Cover (Red) 1TR5GDAT02R $98.00 1TR5GDAT02R 01
Kick Panel Cover (White) 1TR5GDAT02W $98.00 1TR5GDAT02W

TSD Coilover

Model Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
GR Supra 1TR3CDTY006 $1,445.00 1TR3CDTY006


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