BRZ SP6 oki02

The new 2022 Subaru BRZ is an improvement over the previous generation in many ways. Revel USA now offers a selection of parts available for the new BRZ with a lot of parts crossing over with the new 2022 Toyota GR86. See the offerings below!

GT Dry Carbon

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
GT Dry 2022 Subaru BRZ Carbon Cluster Switch Panel Cover 1TR4GT0CS01 $117.00 1TR4GT0CS01 | Subaru BRZ Carbon Cluster Switch Panel Cover
GT Dry Carbon Vortex Generator 1TR4GT0CS02 $489.00 1TR4GT0CS02
GT Dry Carbon Scuff Plate CoverΒ  1TR4GT0CS03 $280.00 1TR4GT0CS03
GT Dry Carbon Shifter Panel Cover 1TR4GT0CS04 $230.00 1TR4GT0CS04
GT Dry Carbon Center A/C Panel Cover 1TR4GT0CS05 $215.00 TR4GT0CS05
GT Dry Carbon Door Sill Covers 1TR4GT0CS06 $245.00 1TR4GT0CS06
GT Dry Carbon Door Trim Covers 1TR4GT0CS07 $465.00 1TR4GT0CS07
GT Dry Carbon Navigator Visor 1TR4GT0CS08 $140.00 1TR4GT0CS08
GT Dry Carbon Mirror Covers 1TR4GT0CS09 $415.00 1TR4GT0CS09 Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ Carbon Mirror Covers
GT Dry Carbon Rear Door Step Guard 1TR4GT0CS10 $310.00 1TR4GT0CS10

Kick Panel Cover

Item Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
Glove Box Cover (Red) 1TR5GDCS01GR $88.00 1TR5GDCS01GR
Kick Panel Cover (Red) 1TR5GDCS01R $98.00 1TR5GDCS01R
Kick Panel Cover (Silver) 1TR5GDCS01S $98.00 1TR5GDCS01S
Glove Box Cover (Silver) 1TR5GDCS01GS $88.00 1TR5GDCS01GS

TSD Coilover

Model Part # MSRP Picture Buy Now
BRZ 1TR3CDSU001 $1,445.00 1TR3CDSU001


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