T70082R Installation on 2005 – 2006 Infiniti G35 Sedan models

Due to changes in the design of the factory muffler on the 2005โ€“2006
model year Infiniti G35 Sedan, a different type of exhaust mounting
bracket is used that differs from 2003โ€“2004 model year vehicles.
The 2005โ€“2006 model G35 Sedans have carryover exhaust mounting
provisions from the 2003โ€“2004 model located on the chassis to accept
installation of 2003-2004 mufflers and proper installation of the Revel
Medallion Touring-S exhaust system, part number T70082R.
Installation of T70082 on 2005-2006 Models will require the purchase of
Infiniti OEM equipment for proper mounting.


Infiniti OEM (Original) Parts Necessary*:
x1 ยท 20742 AF400 ยท 03โ€“04 G35 Sedan muffler mounting assembly
x2 ยท 20651 AF400 ยท 03-04 G35 Sedan exhaust hangar bushing
x3 ยท 08146 8252G ยท Bolt
With the above installed, T70082R will perform as a factory replacement
performance catback exhaust, with exact fitment, function and clearances.

image 2
image 3

Revel Medallion Touring-S, Part number T70082R is designed for installation with the 2003-2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan hangar bracket.
2005-2006 Infiniti G35 Sedans will require the purchase of the 2003-2004 exhaust mounting assembly, shown above.

***Original Parts numbers listed are for reference only.
Original Parts numbers are subject to change by Nissan/Infiniti.
Please consult with your Parts Department prior to purchase.