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Kick Panel Covers: The Revel GT Design Line

What are Kick Panel Covers?

The GT Design line by Revel USA provides kick panel covers for the lower parts of the doors to avoid getting scuff marks and protect the interior door panel from people entering and exiting your car. Sometimes, passengers might accidentally kick the lower part of the interior panel but the GT Design kick panel cover is able to protect the panel from small scuffs and scratches.

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Revel GT Design Kick Panel Cover Part Number: 1TR5GDAS01B

The Kick Panel Cover Aesthetic

The GT Design interior panel cover not only protects your door from damage, it also enhances the door with its style! The premium carbon fiber style pattern gives the door panels that extra accent to brighten up the interior. With multiple options for stitching color available, it makes it easy to match the GT Design interior panel cover with the aesthetic you are aiming for with the style of the interior.

Revel GT Design Kick Panel Cover Part Number:

Installing the Kick Panel Covers

The GT Design kick panel covers are easily installed by using the premium adhesive. This helps the kick panel cover be installed quickly and securely onto the door panel. The design of all of the kick panel covers is precisely tested and fitted to have a near perfect fit and easy installation when lining up the cover to the panel. Removing the kick panel cover is simple and with the premium adhesive, removal is also clean leaving no residue behind.