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Revel Medallion Ultra Ti: The Beginning of the Titanium Exhaust for Revel USA!

Overview of Revel’s first Titanium Exhaust

The Revel Medallion Ultra-Ti Titanium Exhaust is designed with the enthusiast in mind. Crafted from high-quality titanium with 1 millimeter thick walls, this exhaust system is engineered to shed unnecessary weight and improve the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio. The full-titanium construction not only contributes to performance gains but also adds an element of sophistication to the vehicle’s rear end with a burnt titanium tip finished in matte along with the “Medallion logo” etched on the sides of the exhaust tip.

Rear section of the ultra Ti Titanium Exhaust

Construction and Design

The attention to detail put into the Medallion Ultra-Ti exhaust’s design was careful and precise. It features a TIG-welded and pie-cut construction that ensures durability and precision. The exhaust boasts a 76mm pipe diameter and a 115mm burnt tip diameter, improving exhaust flow while creating a visual impact. This exhaust system also reimagines the rear aesthetics of the Subaru WRX and STI by converting the exhaust into a single-exit setup, giving the car a more aggressive, track-ready look.

Titanium Exhaust on Subaru WRX STI

A Symphony of Sound

The Revel Medallion Ultra-Ti Titanium Exhaust delivers a balanced listening experience. Unlike some aggressive aftermarket exhausts that prioritize sheer volume, this exhaust system exhibits a refined note that becomes more pronounced during spirited driving. We strive toward providing an auditory symphony that complements the vehicle’s performance without becoming intrusive in the cabin with overtly loud volume or droning. If the volume is still too much, it can be muffled further with the included silencer


More than just an exhaust system, the Revel Medallion Ultra-Ti Titanium Exhaust represents a shift in the perception of quality and value. This offering demonstrates that high-end components can be attainable without the burden of excessive costs or long waiting periods. As the WRX/STI community continues to grow, the Medallion Ultra-Ti exhaust offers enthusiasts an opportunity to stand out from the crowd while enjoying a truly immersive driving experience. We will also apply the principles used to make our first titanium exhaust application in our future applications, so keep a look out on what we offer next for the Revel Medallion Ultra-Ti at https://www.revel-usa.com/ultrati!

Revel Medallion Ultra-Ti Titanium Exhaust Feature!

If another viewpoint of our titanium exhaust is what you are looking for, check out Pit and Paddock’s write-up on their website here: https://pitpad.com/2023/08/11/revel-medallion-ultra-ti-titanium-exhaust-brings-lightweight-performance-to-the-subaru-wrx-lineup/. Their extensive write-up goes into detail of all the features that the Medallion Ultra-Ti has to offer!

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Titanium Exhaust write-up by Pit and Paddock