revel T20001

Revel Street Plus: 2nd Exhaust System Line Addition

What is the Street Plus Exhaust System?

The Street Plus Exhaust System line by Revel USA is offered mainly to provide an OEM-like replacement for an existing exhaust that may be getting damaged from age and the elements. It also provides a competitively priced option for a step into a high-quality exhaust. Later in this article, we will go over the some of the features of this exhaust as well as comparing it to a similar exhaust line we offer, the Touring-S. From there, you can decide which line is suited to your preferences!

revel T20003
T20003 Street Plus Exhaust System 92-95 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan

Features of the Street Plus Exhaust System

The Street Plus Exhaust is fully hand TIG Welded just like the Touring-S exhaust system for clean, high-quality welds that increases durability of the exhaust. The Street Plus exhaust also features single wall rolled tips to offer a clean and simple presentation at the tip while improving the deepness of the exhaust tone. Both the Street Plus and Touring-S Exhausts have mandrel bent piping to maximize the flow of the exhaust but the main difference between the two is the material of the exhaust. The Street Plus is made of SUS201 stainless steel while the Touring-S is constructed out of SUS304 stainless steel. SUS201 offers a brighter shine but the SUS304 is made with a combination of other elements which has its own positive attributes, such as a stronger resistance to corrosion.

T20026 corner
T20026 Street Plus Exhaust System on 1990 Honda CRX

Street Plus Exhaust System Applications

As the Street Plus exhaust is offered as an OEM-like replacement cat back exhaust, the focus of this exhaust line is focused on older legacy cars such as the Honda Civic EF, Acura Integra DA, Toyota Supra A70, and much more! The exhaust also keeps the volume at a pleasant level with most applications being under 95 decibels under load.