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The VLS Gauges Line: An Overview of OLED and 2

What are the VLS Gauges?

The VLS Gauges, or Visual OLED System, offered by Revel USA plays a critical role in displaying vital information of the car whether on the track or on the street, these gauges stay visible and clear throughout the entire drive! The VLS Gauges come in two main options: the VLS OLED Digital Gauge or the VLS II Analog Gauge. With these two designs offered, it makes it easy to match the gauges with the rest of the aesthetics of the car without sacrifice. In this article, we will go over the general differences of the VLS OLED and VLS II Analog gauges and the features that make both of these gauges stand out on their own.

VLS gauges: VLS OLED Wideband Gauge
VLS OLED: Wideband A/F Gauge

The Digital Gauge: VLS OLED

The VLS OLED Gauge is the digital version of the VLS gauges that have multiple types of readings available. The VLS OLED is able to read and display air to fuel ratio with the wideband gauge, boost, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, voltage, and the intercooler dual temperatures coming in and coming out. Even though there are many types of gauges available, wiring can be kept at a minimum with the daisy chain feature that is available with the VLS gauges except for the wideband and intercooler dual temperature gauge.

With the daisy chain, you can connect each gauge in sequence keeping the install clean with less wires rather than each gauge having their own power wire. The VLS OLED screen itself provides a crisp numerical display that’s easy to read. The OLED display is also paired with an LED ring around the edge of the gauge to swiftly provide information to the driver. Each gauge comes packaged with the associated sensor, sunshade, mounting bracket, and all the necessary wiring.

VLS gauges: VLS II Boost Gauge
VLS II: Boost Gauge

The Analog Gauge: VLS II

The VLS II Analog Gauges provide vital readings as well but retains the vintage look of an analog gauge. Even though the VLS II gauge keeps that vintage look, its technology is anything but vintage. The gauge utilizes a brushless motor to provide quick and accurate readings while keeping movement smooth and quiet. The VLS II also has an external remote to adjust peak and hold values and the backlight of the gauge as well. The gauge is able to illuminate with a red or white backlight leaving the preference to the driver.

As with the VLS OLED gauge, the VLS II is able to be daisy chained to each other for ease of install and cleanliness. However, the VLS OLED and VLS II cannot be daisy chained to each other, they can only be daisy chained to their own family of VLS gauges. The VLS II offers readings for boost, oil temperature, and oil pressure. Each gauge comes packaged with the associated sensor, mounting ring, external remote and all necessary wiring needed for installation.

Support for the VLS Gauges

The VLS Gauges have many parts included with the gauge to ensure installation is easy and simple. Some kits may require additional fittings and/or bungs for proper installation. Replacement parts are available if anything is lost or damaged and can be purchased from us. Replacement parts for the VLS OLED can be found here. Replacement parts for the VLS II can be found here. Instructions for each VLS Gauge can be found on their product page as well. However, if you still have a question about the VLS Gauges, please send us an email in the Contact Us page so we can help you further.