Revel’s 1st New Overland Exhaust: Medallion Trail Hart

What is the Medallion Trail Hart Exhaust?

The Medallion Trail Hart exhaust line is a new overland exhaust system from Revel USA that gives your offroad vehicle a bit more grunt either on or off the trail! This exhaust system has similar features to the Touring-S Exhausts but adds its own offroad flair to the traditional Touring-S Exhaust. Later in this article, we will go into depth of the Trail Hart exhaust line and mention the similarities and differences of the Trail Hart line to the Touring-S line.

Tacoma Trail Hart Overland exhaust tip

What are the similarities?

The Trail Hart overland exhaust line is manufactured with SUS304 stainless steel with 1.5mm thick piping to reduce unwanted noises and to stay strong and durable against the outdoor elements. The Trail Hart overland exhausts are also mandrel bent to create even bends throughout the exhaust and not compromising the exhaust and sound flow. These features can also be found on our Touring-S exhaust line and there are more similarities that can be seen.

The handmade TIG welds and double walled exhaust tips are also features found on both exhaust lines, increasing durability and improving the tone of the exhaust. One more item that the exhaust lines both share is the sound muffling Advantex packing material, which helps keep both exhausts under 93 decibels for a nice sound throughout the rev range.

Tacoma Trail Hart overland exhaust turn down tip

What are the differences?

There are some differences between the Touring-S and Trail Hart exhausts, and those differences are focused on the overlanding aspect the Trail Hart turns its attention to. For the Trail Hart, the optional turn down pipe comes exclusive for the Trail Hart overland exhaust line. What it does is it shortens the exhaust exit by replacing the rear section of the exhaust system so that there is more clearance while off-roading. One other result of the optional turn down pipe is that it will protect the rear section, mainly the dual walled exhaust tip, from getting damaged while the car is offroad and keeps the exhaust tip nice and shiny when it’s time to swap the two.