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What is the Revel GT Dry Carbon Fiber All About?

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a polymer that is known for being tough and sturdy while also being very lightweight. Carbon Fiber is used in many industries, including the automotive industry due to its number of benefits over other materials like steel or aluminum. The increased strength and stiffness while still being lighter over steel or aluminum are only a few characteristics that makes Carbon Fiber desired for many applications.

Revel GT Dry Carbon Fiber Part:

Carbon Fiber in the Automotive Industry

Carbon Fiber grew popular in the automotive industry as big brands and racing teams used the material to construct their race cars to be more competitive. As this became the standard in racing, it started to become popular on the consumer level and from then on, Carbon Fiber became cemented as a part of the car scene. Nowadays, many people have Carbon Fiber on their car as a functional or aesthetic component, sometimes even both.

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Revel GT Dry Carbon Fiber Part: 1TR4GT0AS25

The Revel GT Dry Carbon Fiber Line

The Revel GT Dry Carbon Fiber line is a great way to integrate that Carbon Fiber aesthetic into your own car’s look. Most of the GT Dry products are overlays that go on the existing panel so installation is a breeze, making it easy to improve the look of your car in just minutes. There are multiple products that can enhance both the exterior and interior for cars on our application list. Check if your car is listed on our application list here!